you are your world's oyster.

the snail show video archives, a small band of friends who chat regularly.
fractal flow video composition with original music I composed in 4k res.
the existential reality inspector monkey, a joke on perspective.
my typeset rendition of Henry David Thoreau's literary masterpiece, "Walden." - read a book, change your life.. 600 gb or so in pdf format and counting... - some of my art: fractals, photos, design work, some friends photo galleries too. - an entirely un-organized collection of songs composed between 2012-2016. - my philosophy blog, updated occasionally as the inspiration strikes. - social networking without the bloat or spyware, my newest project. - a curious something to remember always. - this space has been left currently blank. - free internet relay chat server for collaboration or casual discussion. - like what you see here? support the artist by buying coffee.
audio hi-lights from the collective - some sagacious and inspiring podcasts from friends - "News For Nerds, Stuff that Matters."

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Yes, Hello. I do web-hosting, custom websites, want a custom email address?
I've got about 100 domains you may choose from... I also do custom software
installation and maintainence, as well as graphic design, and am available
for technical advisement, video-editing, can typeset and publish your book
and or do other computer/tech type things. click below to email questions..

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